Here’s what our students, parents and volunteers have to say about the MRC:

The MRC is where you can leave everything else behind except music. You aren’t judged, you aren’t labeled. You are a musician, surrounded by other musicians.

Jake Vainio, student

The Music Resource Center is a very good place for beginner musicians and experienced players to practice freely and work with each other to play and write music. I like it because it gives me a place to go after school where I can actually use my musical abilities to create recorded music

Ian Erickson, student

MRC provides a vital resource to the vibrancy of our community:  a safe environment where young people can get together and express themselves freely, with full support.

Gustaf Ekstrand, volunteer

The MRC is a great investment in the youth of our community.  There are not enough creative outlets available for teenagers.  This program goes beyond signing up your kid for weekly lessons to learn an instrument; MRC is a place that fosters creativity and collaboration among teenagers who enjoy music while connecting them to unique opportunities.  I am proud to be a volunteer with MRC and look forward to someday sharing a stage with these talented musicians.

Breanne Marie, volunteer

MRC helped my daughter to build on her already enthusiastic love for music. She received encouragement and constructive criticism on stage presence, she learned how to record her music, and has a new appreciation for the complexity of recording to precision. MRC is an excellent venue for beginners to amateur professionals!

Jacey Yeager, parent

Our son has never had an outlet like this to where he can experience hands-on music performance and knowledge.  The Music Resource Center is a valuable resource to our community in that it allows our youth to come together to learn more about their instrument and/or voice talent and be able to jam with their peers and learn from well respected musicians who have been involved in the music professional world.   I, as a parent volunteer, have seen first-hand the value of these students learning and being involved in something that they love and that is music.  Thank you to the Music Resource Center for being there for our youth!

Ivy Vainio, parent

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