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Hey there! Are you a student in high school or working towards your G.E.D (6th -12th grade) AND interested in MUSIC?? Or a parent of a student who is interested in music? We offer FREE music lessons, music production lessons, audio recording lessons, performance opportunities and MORE! Please Share this opportunities with others in the Twin Ports area. Read on for more info!                                                   160710457000202Fun to Fame is a point system that meets students where they are and motivates students of all to advance within the MRC Program. As students earn points they gain new privileges and opportunities within the program.

Fun Track

Students on the Fun Track have access to all rooms and basic equipment at the MRC. Fun track students can schedule one hour studio appointments.

Fame Track II

Students on Fame Track II gain access to improved instruments and equipment, such as better headphones and condenser microphones. Fame Track II students are eligible to be considered for performances in the community.  They can schedule one hour studio appointments.

Fame Track I

Students on Fame Track I gain access to our best instruments and equipment. Fame Track I students can schedule two hour studio appointments.

Earning Points

You earn one point everytime you sign in at the MRC.  Additional points can be earned by writing original songs, completing digital compositions, finishing recording projects, performing in MRC showcases and more!

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Goal Setting & the Fun to Fame Program

The MRC is here to help you achieve your musical goals. The Interest Survey you fill out as part of the orientation process helps us learn about our members’ goals so that we can acquire the necessary resources and support.  Please be thorough, and be sure to keep it updated so that we have a clear idea about programs and equipment we need to bring to the MRC.

Fun to Fame is a 3-tiered program which allows students to achieve musical goals at their own pace and gain rewards for accomplishments.  All students who participate in the program earn points for accomplishments, working with MRC staff to select a skill area they want to develop and benchmarks to measure their success.  As students earn points they gain cool privileges and access to MRC resources, equipment and learning opportunities.

The three tiered program allows staff to accommodate highly motivated students while also encouraging less ambitious students to acquire more direction.  Many students use our facilities every day.  Some students have very ambitious goals while others enjoy dropping by to jam with friends.   Our most engaged students spend more time recording in the studio, performing at our monthly open mic, creating music videos, and more.

Earn Points

Students can earn points to gain access to special equipment and opportunities at the MRC.  Points are tracked on a punch card and earned by completing tasks listed below:

1 pt – a day of attendance at MRC

1 pt – clean up snacks in lounge

1 pt – following rules (found in student handbook)

1 pt – set up & put away instruments on Main Stage (rehearsal)

1 pt – set up & run PA on Main Stage (rehearsal)

2 pt – Working on a track (record, mix, and master) in the Recording Booth

5 pt – perform at MRC Open Mic Night

Get Rewards

By earning points you gain access to special equipment and opportunities such as:

– a day in the studio

– video production workshops

– production lessons

– equipment lessons & other interest students may have

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