The Music Resource Center needs instruments and recording equipment for our students. We need to stock our rehearsal and studio spaces with quality instruments, amplifiers, and microphones, and state-of-the-art computers, recording technology and video editing equipment.

We need your support to get it done! Everything helps, from small gifts to large ones.

$15 buys a new set of strings or a microphone cable

$25 buys a microphone stand

$50 buys new drum heads or a pair of headphones

$100 buys a microphone

$250 gets us an electric, acoustic or bass guitar

$300 buys a PA speaker

$500 buys recording or video software

$750 will buy us a drum set

$1,500 and we have a new computer!

$2,375 funds one of our dedicated instructors for a semester

$4,275 funds that same instructor for a whole school year

Our program has a proven track record and has been very successful. Even working with out-of-date software on a single out-of-date computer, two cheap microphones, and a handful of instruments our students have produced several compilation CDs and two full length CDs in our first two years. We released our first two music videos last spring. I can’t imagine what we’ll produce with these new spaces at our disposal. Our program is strong; at this point our focus is growth.

You can give online now, just designate your donation to the Music Resource Center! Or write a check to the Armory Arts and Music Center and send to:

Duluth Armory Arts and Music Center
1626 London Road #779
Duluth, MNĀ  55812

Please designate “Music Resource Center” in the memo.

Thank you for your support!